Brandon Giles often addresses an audience after a sweat-infused, five-minute hard rock/boogie piano solo with the vocal intensity of a wildman. Then giving a heart-felt rendition of a beautiful country standard. “People don’t just like one kind of music. That’s a misconception that radio and record companies have…they want to chop you up and put you into a nice confined category. I’ll bet that nearly everybody has different styles of music programmed into their car radios and it’s the same with a live show, we play rock, gospel, country, blues, you want to take them on an emotional journey.”

He was born in Magnolia, Arkansas where he lived on a farm for 18 years. Working as a child in the fields of his uncle’s watermelon and pea patches, Brandon quickly realized that his real life’s ambition was elsewhere. After high school he left for Jonesboro Arkansas to study communications and art at Arkansas State University.

While at ASU he earned his real education on weekend visits to clubs and honky-tonks in nearby Memphis making frequent appearances playing piano at Earnestene & Hazel’s club. “I would play and sing in these saloons and people would tip me…it took about three seconds after that first dollar hit my pocket to realize that my pea-picking and watermelon-vine-turning days were over.

His third album, “Both Kinds of Music…Rock and Roll,” truly captures the energy in his live show. “This one is finally me. I had complete control over it with nobody pushing me too country or too rock…to me there are only two kinds of music, good and bad. This is good. It’s wild, unrehearsed, sometimes one-take and imperfectly perfect…there’s a raw feeling that you hear as well as feel that you don’t hear with most of the songs on radio today. We got lucky and got exactly what I wanted.”

Studio art was Brandon’s minor in college and he still enjoys sketching and painting and is a physical fitness enthusiast working out daily. Also an avid gun collector, Brandon still enjoys hunting and fishing when he is not touring.

He was raised singing in the choir at church in Magnolia. Gospel music is still his favorite form of music to listen to and perform.

Brandon has appeared on Monday Night Football, performed with Mickey Gilley at his theater in Branson and played with Les Paul in Times Square in New York City. He also has appeared on radio and television shows such as Ed and Kaye’s morning show and The Troy and Dave Show.

“I’d pony up admission to this sideshow any day of the week.” -Brad Schmitt, Tennessean Entertainment Columnist

“Brandon Giles, puts on a better show than any we’ve seen in several Nashville trips including to the Grand Ole Opry.” -Nate Allen, Arkansas Democrat Gazette syndicated sports columnist

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